Information Security

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Level: Foundation
CPD: 30 minutes

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Online Course

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Non-members: £40 +VAT

Individuals and organisations need to know how they should comply with security policies, but it can be difficult to know what comprises a security risk. This Information Security eLearning course provides an overview of this complex topic and is designed to help keep confidential business information safe.

Topics include

  • How to keep information secure
  • How to set a strong password and use access control measures
  • The financial and legal risk involved in losing sensitive information

PLEASE NOTE: You may see a course date (eg 30 June) when booking this this course. Please ignore this date as an online course you can access it anytime, but a date must be included for our internal systems.


This course will educate you about fraud and how to spot others who may be committing an offence.

CPD: 45 minutes 
Level: Foundation

Online Course

Understanding what the GDPR means for your organisation is the first important step towards compliance.

CPD: 50 Minutes 
Level: Foundation

Online Course

This interactive and motivating eLearning experience is set inside a virtual organisation, Antilion Tech Ltd.

CPD: 30 Minutes
Level: Foundation

Online Course