BBC urgently wants to hear from auctioneers with an adventurous spirit

Friday 23 September 2016

A new BBC2 travel documentary series wants to hear from people who are willing to swap lives for 10 days with someone else from a mystery destination far across the globe.

If chosen by the casting producer you'll feature in a brand new documentary series called Life Swap Adventure (working title for BBC 2). 

You will live in each other’s homes, experience each other’s work life, spend time with each other’s friends and families, and go out to explore the rhythms and customs of each other’s countries by living as a true local throughout your stay.

If you’ve ever wondered what your life might have been like if you’d been born somewhere very different to the UK then this is your chance to find out!

If you are willing to push your boundaries and trust the BBC to send you somewhere amazing and potentially life-changing then get in touch quickly.

The BBC are particularly interested in auctioneers for an episode filming at the end of October 2016 so if you are keen to find out more then get in touch URGENTLY by emailing an expression of interest as well as your age, location and living situation to