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30 years' worth of film memorabilia up for grabs!

Thursday 20 July 2017

An outstanding collection of film memorabilia and 007 collectables amassed by an extremely dedicated private collector and film buff, will be sold off in September at Astons Auctioneers.

NAVA Propertymark members Astons Auctioneers in Dudley, will offer bidders the chance to take home some outstanding collectibles as part of the Film and Music Memorabilia sale on 19 September and the Toys and Model Railways sale on 21 September.

Astons, a family-run auction house owned by father and son team, Phil and Chris Aston, are very proud to have the opportunity to auction 'The Yeovil Collection', a huge collection with a bias towards James Bond films, as well as an extensive collection of 007 Collectable Toys.

Chris Aston, Managing Director of Astons said:

"These photos hopefully give you an idea of how impressive this collection is! It's been a very hard decision for the vendor to finally sell up after dedicating 30+ years to amassing this treasure hoard."

"This is probably the biggest collection of film memorabilia we've had and some of the toys are so scarce I wasn't even aware they existed!"

"My favourite pick is the Roger Moore director's chair. This could be an interesting lot particularly as Roger Moore sadly passed away this year."

"There is likely to be at least 30 items which could easily go into four figures and I reckon there's bound to be a sleeper in there that surprises us!"

You can watch an auction preview video below, where Chris Aston takes you on a tour of their client's extensive rooms dedicated solely to his collection. 

Described by Somersetlive as "the best film memorabilia collection you've ever seen", highlights among the items for sale include one of the original shirts worn by actor Christopher Lloyd who played Doc Brown, in the Robert Zemeckis directed time-travelling classic Back to the Future (1985).

Doc Brown shirt

The Doc Brown shirt, Estimate £800 - £1200

The long-sleeved yellow shirt with red and blue squiggly line pattern is framed and comes with the original "American Costume North Hollywood" label dated 1984 and inscribed with "Chris Lloyd" written in black pen.

It is also accompanied by three action scene photos of the Doc wearing the shirt in the film, and a Certificate of Authenticity from the Prop Store of London on the reverse.

Our other top pics from the film memorabilia sale:

Roger Moore Directors Chair

Roger Moore Directors Chair, Estimate £800 - £1200 

A James Bond Roger Moore signed Directors chair, wooden frame with cream canvas back and seat. The back is printed in black capitals "ROGER MOORE" and has been hand signed in blue pen by Roger Moore. Other signatures include Shirley Eaton (Goldfinger), Tania Mallet, Honor Blackman, Madeline Smith, Britt Ekland, Terry Mountain, Joe Robinson, Liza Ross, Margaret Nolan, Maud Adams and Oliver Skeete (many dated). According to the vendor this chair was used in Sir Roger Moore's office at Pinewood studios.

Dr No script

Dr No script, estimate £800 - £1200

"Dr No" James Bond. A Fourth draft mimeographed typed script dated 12/12/1961, for the first appearance of James Bond as Agent 007 on film in EON Films Productions Limited "DR. NO" from the novel by Ian Fleming, screenplay by Richard Maibaum, Wolf Mankowitz. 

The team of experts at Astons are currently still working on cataloguing, photographing and valuing the thousands of items in preparation for the sale in September 2017, and they expect collectors to be out in force and competition for the lots to be fierce.

Toy auction top picks

Here's our top picks from the remarkable toy auction, with commentary from Kayleigh Davies MNAVA, who runs Astons' Toy Auctions:

James Bond PAK

James Bond PAK, estimate £300 - £400

James Bond 007. Multiple Toymakers Bond's P.A.K. (Personal Attack Kit), 1966. Includes dart gun pistol with two darts, small palm gun and holster. VG, some gold paint worn from 007 logos, in VG bright box, missing shrink wrap, some scuffs to edges, small tears and tape marks. 

Kayleigh said: "This is a really fun item, and something that we’ve never seen before here at Aston’s. The items in this set can be found in quite a few other sets by Multiple Toy Makers but this is our favourite!"

James Bond Triang Underwater Battle Game

Triang 007 Underwater Battle game, estimate £180 - £240

James Bond 007. Triang 007 Underwater Battle game, from Thunderball, Largo v James Bond, 1966. Includes game board, James Bond figure, eight red frogmen, Largo figure, eight black frogmen, six sharks, spectre submarine with two bombs, 25 clear perspex pedestals, 25 metal stands, 19 plastic buttons to secure figures, two dice. 

"This is a scarce item, and usually found incomplete. The artwork to the box lid is great."

James Bond Thunderball Craft

Thunderball Craft, estimate £340 - £400

James Bond 007. Lone Star 'Harvey Series' James Bond Thunderball craft, 1965. Orange, blue and silver plastic craft is in very good condition, small tear to front between 'E' and 'R' in 'Thunderball'. 

"This toy was clearly not designed to last, it’s a very basic plastic model. Due to the disposable nature of the toy it’s uncommon, and seldom found in the attractive illustrated box. This is an excellent example"

James Bond Cosmic Gun

Cosmic Gun, estimate £300 - £340

James Bond 007. Secret 077 Cosmic Gun, an unlicensed issue made in Taiwan, 1960s. Includes black plastic gun, two plastic darts and two plastic wheels, VG but some wear to metal, and sealed in plastic bag. Contained in VG box, some creases to one side and tear to other. 

"So many toy makers tried to jump on the Bond bandwagon and it’s interesting to see the creativity used to get around selling unlicensed products. This ‘077’ gun isn’t often found in it’s original box."

James Bond's Aston Martin

Aston Martin, estimate £500 - £700

James Bond 007. Gilbert James Bond's Aston Martin as seen in 'Goldfinger' and 'Thunderball', 1965. The tinplate battery operated car includes James Bond and villain figures. Battery compartment is mostly clean, small patch of corrosion to inside of flap, some paint wear to figure heads, but otherwise VG. Box is G+, a nice bright example, but has some creases, scuffs and small tears and one surface tear has been repaired with glue. Includes instruction sheet and a tag. 

"This is a toy that any Bond fan should have in their collection! While not completely uncommon it’s not usually seen in this sort of condition, with working features all complete."

James Bond's Attache Case

Attache Case, estimate £500 - £800

James Bond 007. Tada (Japan) James Bond attaché case, c.1960s. Set includes: Multi-buster, black plastic gun; stock extension; grenade; gun scope; silencer; caps; document wallet (empty). Overall VG, trigger appears stuck, some wear to metallic paint. Cardboard attaché case has picture of Bond inside, nice and bright with some small surface tears, outside is F, some tears, creases and holes, some corrosion to locks. 

"There are many Bond attaché cases to be found, but most are made of plastic. This version made of stiff card with a leather look finish and has metal hinges so looks more realistic. The inside includes a great picture of Sean Connery as Bond with the DB5 too."